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Ben, and 0 of 9

Meet Ben. Ben has a lot of energy. He also really likes to run. Ben always gets out of bed early around 8pm and after a few stretch and scratch exercises, goes for his first jog of the day. He usually starts with a few rounds around his favorite tree, followed by at least two sprints up and down a hill. He then disappears for about half an hour. Upon his return, his family have woken and are then enthusiastically greeted by Ben by him jumping around them, all in an effort to get them to go running with him. They never do, much to the dislike of poor Ben.

It took me 2 evenings to take a photograph of Ben where he was actually standing still for once.

In other news… I’m afraid I cannot conclude anything other than that my nine fox cubs were murdered. That many cubs don't just disappear in a month, and believe me when I say I looked for them everywhere. In the end, it was a matter of connecting the dots. Finding both a dead cub that collapsed in the middle of the road and a bullet hole in the tree next to their den also helps with drawing some conclusions of course… I guess this is how the world works nowadays.

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