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While sitting at my desk at work today, my mind wandered back to the 9 fox cubs I had found a week ago. I though it might be a good idea that once I got the photograph I was after, that I would share on social media what gruesome stuff I had to endure to be able to take this picture.

Normally, I would have to get up at 5am, cycle to the forest, arrive on site, determine the direction the wind is blowing, make a very quiet entry into the forest while dodging loud branches and leafs, put on the camo stuff, lie very uncomfortably on the forest floor for hours and hours (trying not to fall asleep while doing so) and hope for a fox cub to get out of the den and pose for a nice picture. Usually around 4-5 sessions of this stuff are needed to get a decent picture. However, before all of the above can take place, I have to find a possible den, put up a wildlife camera to see if someone's home, and if so, check the routine of the cubs (nap time, dinner time, play time).

So today after my dinner time, I travelled to the den to put up the camera. Fortunately, I was wise enough to bring my camera because, hey... you never know, right?! I snuck into the forest, ninja style, got about halfway towards the den when I suddenly heard some faint noises up a hill. Two of the nine fox cubs were out and about and were checking me out while I was sneaking towards their home. The cuteness factor was completely off the charts and filled with adrenaline I took my camera and started taking pictures. Shaking hands and heavy lenses don't go well together but I luckily got in a few sharp shots. After about 5 minutes, the two cubs disappeared into different dens than the one I was heading towards. So, very long story short.. I want to quit my job for the next 2 months and live in the forest with these guys. What do you think I should do?!

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